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Take a look at our offering for the
23rd Annual North Central Simmental Sale
on November 19th at Summit Farms Sale Facility in Hubbard, Iowa

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I think that most cattle breeders would agree that sire selection is extremely important in building a quality herd. But owning the " right " kind of female is the foundation to any good breeding program and has been a key objective in our operation. We have committed ourselves to developing genetically superior cow families to ensure predictability in future generations.

This philosophy is our personal guarantee that we will be able to consistently provide our customers with sound functional animals. With all the problems currently facing our industry, it is more important than ever to raise economically productive cattle that meet the quality demands of an increasingly sophisticated market place. That is why we strive for Calving Ease, Performance, Soundness, Quality and Docility.

We at Handsaker Simmentals believe that black purebred Simmental and the Simmental x Angus cross complete each other to meet these demands. In response, we have implemented in what we to believe a successful A.I. program, using the best genetics available to utilize our outstanding females and to give you the customer those superior genetics to build the foundation for your breeding program. I hope you will take a few minutes to review the information inside and also encourage you to stop by and visit any time.

Thank You,
Gary Handsaker

 Gary and Sue Handsaker 515-231-7042 • Jared Meinhardt 515-460-4297 • Nevada, Iowa •